On STAGE in Mallorca

On STAGE in Mallorca


Commence: Jeudi 09:00 (22 Mars)
Terminé: Dimanche 23:00 (25 Mars)


Mallorca is your stage!

Imagine tourquoise blue seas, golden sands, green foliage, rugged mountains and honey-stone villages – all this together has one name, Mallorca. As the biggest island of Spain’s autonomous Balearic Islands, this paradise on earth really does have it all – over 500km of coastline and more than 200 glorious beaches, beautiful mountains, a wealth of historical buildings, cultural experiences and a lively cosmopolitan city.

What is more, the stunning scenery throughout Mallorca is ideal for enjoying outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s walking, hiking, cycling or playing golf, Mallorca has got them all perfectly established in all details. Plus, the island’s location makes it reachable by a three-hour flight at the most from northern Europe, making it easily accessible for those in search of a little piece of paradise.

Be there! It may be days in time, but it will feel weeks in relaxation and peace of mind!