Goruck Tough Challenge - Normandy, France

Goruck Tough Challenge - Normandy, France


Commence: Samedi 08:00 (02 Juin)
Terminé: Samedi 20:00 (02 Juin)


4 June 1944, OPERATION OVERLORD, the liberation of Europe begins. Commemorate the D-Day Landings by rucking in the footsteps of America’s Greatest Generation who liberated France and Europe. This special event will be conducted in multiple venues to give a first hand experience to the exploits of Allied Forces during the D-Day Landings. Fact: these are sacred grounds everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Books and movies will never do it justice.

10-12 hours. 15-20 miles.
The original Challenge. Average completion rate: 94%.

The hardest part is signing up.
Sign up now: https://www.goruck.com/event-13889/

Force multiply.
Download a printable flyer here: http://ruck.ly/1TQf2GQ